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Central Coast Level 2 Electrician is here to answer any questions you may have, but here is a list our FAQ. We are fully licensed, insured and qualified to complete all classes of level 2 electrical works. And, we work across the Central Coast NSW. 

Level 2 Electrician Central Coast


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Level 2 Electrician Central Coast

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Level 2 Electrician Central Coast

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  • Where Areas do you service

    Central Coast level 2 provides a service to the entire central coast, from Toukley, to Patonga, Gosford, Terrigal, Doyalson, Tuggerah, Woy Woy, Bateau Bay. Furthermore, our Service covers areas such as Doyalson, Swansea, Charleston. Morisset, Bonnels Bay. Newcastle, Belmont. If you have a question about your area. Do not hesitate to contact our stand as they may be able to help you

  • What Does a Level 2 Electrician Do?

    Central Coast Level 2 Electricians are authorised to work on or near Ausgrid energy network. Such work that they may complete includes

    • Ausgrid defects
    • Upgrade to three phase power
    • Switchboard upgrade
    • Point of attachment repairs, Such as the line near your gutters.
    • Service / barge Fuse repairs
    • Consumer & sub mains
    • Overhead service mains
    • Underground mains
    • Metering and energising
    • Metering services such as solar metering, off-peak metering and time of use metering.
    • Power Line Work
    • Private Poles
    • Single and three phase
    • Low voltage mains
    • Switchboard relocation
    • New installations and maintenance
    • Consumer Mains upgrade and Repairs
    • Disconnections/Re-connections
    • Electrical Defects
  • Who Do I Call When The Power Is Out?

    In the instance that you loose power to your home or business on the Central Coast. Your first point of contract should be Ausgrid. This is because Ausgrid will come out for free. Furthermore, it the fault is back from the connection point at the boundary of your property. Ausgrid will repair this for free. However, Often the fault is on your side of the fence. And Ausgrid will tell you to call a Level 2 Electrician This is when you contact Central Coast Level 2. You can do this be calling 0402 900 076 or completing the contact form on the Emergency Repairs page.

  • Why Do I Need a Level 2 Electrician

    There is a large range of reasons you may need a level 2 electrician. These may include, Power out, barge fuse repairs, New builds or renovations, or upgrading your power. Also, Central Coast level 2 complete all categories of level 2 works. Check out our services page to see how we can help you. Furthermore, You will be required to use an ASP or level 2 electrician when your premised is deemed unsafe. Or if you require more power for things such as , solar installation, air conditioning, heat pumps, large commercial shed. Also, this may require three phase power. Furthermore, fire in the switchboard would require a level 2 electrician to complete a make safe. Level 2 electricians are licensed to work on Ausgrid’s network.

  • What Licences Do You Have?

    Central Coast Level 2 electricians holds all four categories of level 2 class. There are 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D. Also, Central Coast Level 2 Electrician hold first aid and Electrical CPR certificates. Also, a full list of licences can be found here with our insurance policies. READ MORE HERE

  • How Can I Pay

    Payment must be made upon completion.  We accept Debit card, Credit card, direct transfer, Cash or ZIP Pay


    We Offer So Many Options as You Can Never Predict When The Power May Go Down

  • Do You Provide an Emergency Service?

    Yes, Central Coast level 2 is on call. This means at all time we have a staff member sit by the phone ready to assist you. Our trucks are fully stocked. Uniforms ready to go. So, if its midnight or a public holiday know that we are here for you. Ready to Help. Also, our response time is generally less than 2 hours.

  • Do You Come Out After Hours

    Our service can come to you outside normal business hours. This is because we understand power is an essential service. And some people may not be home during the day. Also, businesses do not want trades at their place of work during business hours. So, we can come out at a time convenient to you.

  • 3 Phase power?

    In electricity, the phase refers to the distribution of the load. Single phase power is the most common power connected to Central Coast Homes. Typically, there is one power wire coming into the home from the Ausgrid network. This is the phase wire and one neutral wire.  The current flows between the neutral and the power wire. 3 phase power or an upgrade to 3 phase power may be needed for higher power loads such as Commercial or industrial businesses on the Central Coast. Also, you may need to upgrade to 3 phase power if you are installing solar panels, air conditioning, pool heating or welding equipment. You Should be told this by the manufacturer of the equipment you are purchasing or your “general electrician”. Central Coast Level 2 Electrician holds all the qualifications to upgrade your single phase to 2 phase power. We hold a ASP level 2 Electrical licence and authorised by Ausgrid.

  • What is 3 Phase Power?

    3 phase power allows you to have 415V and 240V power from the same electricity supply. 3 phase power on the Central Coast has 4 wires. 3 actives and 1 neutral supplying both 240v and 415V power. Therefore, it can triple the amount of electrical power coming into your Central Coast home or business. 3 phase power is commonly used in commercial or industrial buildings where more powerful equipment may be utilised

  • What is Single Phase Power?

    Single phase power is installed in most homes on the Central Coast. Its generally 230v on the Central Coast, actually Australia wife. However, in WA and QLD single phase is currently 240v. Although transition programs have commenced the transition of all single-phase power in WA and QLD to 230V. In electricity the phase refers to the distribution of the load.  Single phase power is generally connected to Central Coast Homes. Classically, there is one power wire coming into the home from the Ausgrid network. This is the phase wire and one neutral wire.  The current flows between the neutral and the power wire. Your Single Phase electricity supply may need to be upgraded to 3 phase power.

  • Single Phase Vs 3 Phase

    The Main difference between single and 3 phase power is the consistency of the delivery of the power. This is because there is dips and peaks in voltage. Single phase power does not offer the same consistency as three phase power. 3 phase power is generally more efficient. 3 phase power can transmit up to 3 times the amount of power in comparison to a single-phase line.

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    How can I tell if I have 3 phase power?

    1. Locate the switchboard normally located close to the front of the house externally of if its internal may be in a linen cupboard
    2. Locate the Main Circuit breaker (Images below). The Circuit breaker named “main switch” is how you can identify if you have single or 3 phase power.
    3. The image with one switch is single phase power, whereas the second image with the 3 switches is 3 phase power.
  • What do I need to if I need to upgrade to 3 phase power?

    The simple answer is contact Central Coast Level 2 Electrician for a free quote, our level 2 electrician will come out explain 3 phase power and provide you with a free quote. Our Level 2 Electricians are qualified and will be able to help you throughout the entire process of upgrading your power supply to 3 phase. Central Coast Level 2 Electrician will complete the paperwork to the electricity distributer on your behalf.

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