Central Coast Level 2 Electrician


3 Phase power?

In electricity, the phase refers to the distribution of the load. Single phase power is the most common power connected to Central Coast Homes. Typically, there is one power wire coming into the home from the Ausgrid network. This is the phase wire and one neutral wire.  The current flows between the neutral and the power wire. 3 phase power or an upgrade to 3 phase power may be needed for higher power loads such as Commercial or industrial businesses on the Central Coast. Also, you may need to upgrade to 3 phase power if you are installing solar panels, air conditioning, pool heating or welding equipment. You Should be told this by the manufacturer of the equipment you are purchasing or your “general electrician”. Central Coast Level 2 Electrician holds all the qualifications to upgrade your single phase to 2 phase power. We hold a ASP level 2 Electrical licence and authorised by Ausgrid.

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