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Underground Power

Central Coast Level 2 Electrician can help you with Underground Power. This is because we are the Central Coasts leading provider of level 2 electrical works. Also, we are licensed class 2B. Also, This means we can Install, Maintain, Design and Repair Underground power lines. Also, Central Coast level 2 Is fully licensed, insured and qualified for all aspects of level 2 electrical works.

Level 2 Electrician Central Coast


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Level 2 Electrician Central Coast

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Level 2 Electrician Central Coast

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What is

Under Ground Power?

Underground lines are power lines that run from the power you see in the Street underground to your Home. Central Coast Homes are requesting underground lines more and more. Also, This is due to the Street appeal. It means no messy lines above your front yard. This gives your home a cleaner appearance. 

Depending on where you live an underground may be your only option. This is generally is new estates or retail areas. Normally this is due to the height clearance. or to make the area look more appealing. 

Central Coast Level 2 Electrician Licence Class 2B Underground


WE are licensed

Class 2b

Central Coast Level 2 Electrical is licensed 2B, this means we can Install, design, repair and maintain underground power lines. You can read more about our licences here. 

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