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A Level 2 Electrician, is the only Electrician that can Disconnect power.Also, we can Reconnect power for you.  Central Coast Level 2 Electricians are the Coasts leading team of level 2 electricians to complete this work. You may need a disconnect or reconnect when you are renovating. Replacing the fascia and gutter. Or if your electrician is making changes to your home electricity network. Disconnection is required when you need to demolish the building. This process involves removing the overhead of underground wires. To do this we must disconnect the electricity supply.

Central Coast level 2 electricians. We are local, work local and love local. That is local to the Central Coast NSW. Also Our team is on call 24/7 to assist you with emergency repairs. Also Central Coast level 2 Electrician. licensed for all four level 2 electrical licences. These are 2A “Disconnect and reconnect. 2B Underground. 2C Overhead. 2D Metering and energising. So if you need level 2 electrical services. And you are not the Central Coast. Know that we are the right team for you. Contact us by following this link or on 0402900076.

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Disconnect Power & reconnect Power

If you are planning to demolish your home. We first need to disconnect the power to your home. Also we need to remove the metering equipment. At this point if you still require power. Central Coast Level 2 Electricians can install temporary builders power. 

Your electrical  requirements will vary depending on your plans. So we can tailor the disconnect and reconnect. To offer you the best service for your requirements. Also, our friendly team is on call Monday to Friday. 7am – 5pm for any questions you may have. 

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Level 2 Electrical

Licence Class 2a

For a level 2 electrician to be licensed to complete. Class 2A Disconnect Power. and Also reconnect Power. They must hold a licence class 21 “Disconnect and Reconnect”. Also, Central Coast level 2 is licensed to complete class 2A works. This means that we can “Disconnect and Reconnect” your electrical service. Also, that Central Coast level 2 electrician meets the strict licensing requirements to work safely near live wires.

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Why should i

Disconnect Power?

It is much safer to disconnect the power prior to starting any form of demolition or renovating. Also, This applies for all  a residential or commercial properties. Also, disconnecting the electricity is required prior to doing any work related to your electrical supply. Often your electrician may arrange a level 2 electrician to do this. As a general electrician can not disconnect or reconnect to the main power supply. 

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Level 2 electrician?

If you are looking for  a reliable, timely, and cost efficient level 2 electrician. Who is based on the Central Coast. To Disconnect and Reconnect, Then you have found one here. Look no more. You can Contact us or call on 0402900076

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