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Central Coast level 2 performs underground. Overhead. Metering & Energising. Disconnect & Reconnect. We do all this because, We Understand Power is an essential service for Central Coast Homes. Also, We provide an emergency Level 2 Electrician service. Also, we do under ground, Above Ground wires. Also Metering and energising. Central Coast Level 2 is you local provider for level 2 electrical services.   Central Coast level 2 Electricians provide a 24  hour Emergency service to the Central Coast NSW. This is because, we understand power is an essential service. So, when your powers down any time of the day of night we are here for you.  

Metering & energising

Central Coast Level 2 Electrician provides electricity metering for a number of reasons. These are Three phase power upgrade. Switchboard Upgrade. Builders Temporary power. New meter installations and electricity supply combination or separation. Also, before using these services it needs to be metered to manage usage and consumption. 

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Granny Flat

If you are building a new granny flat and need electricity connected. You will need a level 2 electrician to install electricity sub meters. If you need single or three phase power Central Coast level 2 electrician has you sorted. Also, Installing metering means that you know exactly how much power is being used in the granny flat. With housing prices increasing more and more people are installing granny flats in there back yard. This is something we have become accustomed to on the Central Coast NSW. By installing an electricity meter will eliminate future billing headaches.

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Split Dwelling

Here at Central Coast level 2 electricians, we can install electricity meters. This will allow you to split the electricity bill. Also, it will reduce future headaches related to bills. Also, keeping everything seperate allows for each dwelling to receive an bill so there is no arguments.

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Commercial   Shop

Central Coast level 2 Electrician. Provides electricity sub metering installation for commercial shops. Also, we can upgrade the power to three phase. Also, this may be needed if the business is using a lot of different electrical appliances.

Central Coast Level 2 Electrician Licecnce Class 2B Underground


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Bulk Metering

We can provide bulk metering services. Also, this may be required for multi residential properties or retail developments. You can Contact us here or call 0483 053 121 to discuss bulk metering with our team. 

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Solar Panels

If you want to install solar panels on your home. You will need a solar meter. This is something Central Coast Level 2 electricians. Can help you with. Also, the electricity you generate can by used by you or sent back to the electricity network. If you use Central Coast level 2 electricians to install a solar meter. you will be sure to get the best meter for your system

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Hot Water

Off Peak Water. On the Central Coast. If you do not have a high demand for hot water. It is a good idea that you contact Central Coast level 2 electricians. To find out how they can install metering to save you money. Heating your hot water during the day results in high power bills. Also, if this is you. It is a goof idea to install a off peak meter. This will save you money. Off peak meters do not require alterations to your hot water tank or plumbing. Central Coast level 2 will add an off peak meter. This is simply an alteration to your switchboard.

Temporary builders power Central Coast Temporary Builders Power



Power Supply

Central Coast Level 2 provides Temporary builders power. This may be needed for reasons. Such as building a new home, or renovations. If there is no power, and you need power. Central Coast Level 2 Electricians can assist you to bring power to your site. You can read more about this service by clicking here or calling 0483 053 121

CENTRAL COAST Level 2 Electrician

Did you know? We are the Central Coasts leading team of Level 2 Electricians. Central Coast Level 2 can fix underground, above ground, also Energising and Metering. Also, we provide an EMERGENCY SERVICE to the Central Coast NSW. 

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Central Coast level 2 Electrician Central Coast
Central Coast level 2 Electrician Central Coast
After Hours level 2 Electrician Central Coast
After Hours level 2 Electrician Central Coast

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